Z Slow Shaft Z スローシャフト

Model Size Jig weight    Line

Hard Heavy    6.0ft. / 6フィート 280-500g PE3-4
Heavy 6.5ft. / 6.5フィート    200-300g PE2-3
Mediu, 6.5ft. / 6.5フィート 120-200g PE1-2
Light 6.5ft. / 6.5フィート 70-120g PE1-1.5

Because the section, where torque is necessary, uses a composition of ultrahigh elastic and medium elastic carbon fiber, the black for this bait jig rod is incredibly slender and also powerful. The guides are titanium SiC guides from Fuji Kogyo, and LDB guides are used at the tip to prevent line tangles and other problems.


Titanium Sic guides from Fuji kogyo
Non-slip processing