Z Slow Deep Neo



Z Slow NEO becomes semi-long version and is now available.
At the time of fall, the V-side is down, and it sinks at the fastest speed while vibrating.
Even if there are two tides, it will sink without any problems.
During slow jerk, slide with roll action and appeal to target with horizontal vibration fall.
At the time of high pitch jerk, appeal by roll long slide action.

Sizes 400g,320g/250g/200g


01 Noctiluca glowing pink ピンク夜光虫グロー
02 Noctiluca glowing silver シルバー夜光虫グロー
03 Lighting glowing pink オールグローイナズマピンク
04 Lighting red gold glowing edge イナズマアカキンフチグロー
05 Lighting glow raibow イナズマグローレインボー
06 Squid スクイッドグロー