Dragon Knight



It was developed with a rear weight with a Cutlass fish as the main target!! Invite Quick Fall down and Attraction to appeal to your target in variety of glow colors. This time, we adopted special glow paints of Green Glow, Blue Glow, Red Glow, and Orange Glow. Sold at a reasonable price.

Sizes 200g,160g,130g,100g


01 Silver zebra (Green Glow) シルバーゼブラ (グリーン夜光)
02 Orange zebra (Orange Glow) オレンジゼブラ (オレンジ夜光)
03 Black zebra (Blue Glow) ブラックゼブラ (ブルー夜光)
04 Red zebra (Red Glow) レッドゼブラ (レッド夜光)
05 Purpler zebra (Blue Glow) パープルゼブラ (ブルー夜光)
06 Pink zebra (Green Glow) ピンクゼブラ (グリーン夜光)
07 Silver シルバー
08 Blue pink ブルピン
09 Red gold アカキン
10 Green gold グリーンゴールド