TG Spoon

“TG Spoon” has an unprecedented spoon shape that gives it a different dimension of action. In addition to the small silhouette and quick fall speed that only tungsten with its high specific gravity can produce.


You can produce a bait action that you won’t believe is from a tungsten product and a bait action that runs away from the slow pitch to the high pitch, as well as a stop-and-go high-speed retrieve with a twitch effect. Because of its spoon shape, it can be used for fishing in both rivers and lakes in an infinite number of ways.


The characteristics of the tungsten material make it difficult to apply paint to the lure, and the paint peels off easily, but we have reduced these drawbacks as much as possible by carefully treating the lure’s surface and clear coating at our factory. In addition, it comes pre-installed with the best hooks for super light jigging, so you can use it right away.

Sizes 30g


01 All Silver 01 オールシルバー
02 Silver Zebra 02 シルバーゼブラ
03 Pink Dot Glow 03 ピンクドットグロー
04 Red Gold 04 赤金
05 Green Gold 05 ミドキン
06 Blue Pink 06 ブルピン