Z Slow Mini

A casting version of our iconic “Z Slow”, “Z Slow Mini”`s delta shape produces a sharp action and a strong flashing effect. It can also maintain a flat fluttering fall for a long time to appeal to your target.


  • – Slow Pitch Standard Model​
    – Slow Current​
    – Erratic Falling Action​
    – Fast Darting when Jerking​
    – Multi Species
Sizes 35g, 45g, 65g


01 Sardine 01 イワシ
02 Lighting Glowing Siler 02 イナズマグローシルバー
03 Lighting Glowing Pink 03 イナズマグローピンク
04 Lighting Glowing Blue Pink 04 イナズマグローブルーピンク
05 Full Glowing Pink 05 グローピンク
06 Lightning Glowing Rainbow 06 イナズマグローレインボー