Real Cutlassfish

A metal jig dedicated to swordfish baits!


With the design imitating cutlassfish and is in the strongest when the fish feed on slim and long fish. By shaping the jig into a long and thin cutlassfish shape and shifting the eye to the ventral side to create a forward center of gravity, the jig produces a vertical movement with less sliding action. This jig is specially designed for the appearance and action of natural wobbling action and is very effective for catching large bluefish and other species.


“Real Cutlassfish” Jig is specifically designed to mimic the vertical movements of a cutlassfish in the ocean. Sharp, fast movements followed by a large slide attracts predators attention and the fluttering action on the jigs descent entices the bite.  This is a big fish jig and perfectly mimics the slender, shiny, profile of species that these predators eat.

Sizes 180g, 230g, 280g, 330g, 400g


01 Mirror Holo 01 ミラーホロ
02 Wave Holo 02 ウェーブホロ
03 Lazer Holo 03 レーザーホロ
04 Lenz Holo Glowing Belly 04 レンズホロGB
05 Crash Holo Glowing Belly 05 クラッシュホロGB
06 Crystal Holo Glowing Belly 06 クリスタルホロGB