Swimming Squid

Spoon shape producing distressing action


Swimming Squid series is supported by Sea Falcon`s high performance and originality and realism. The appeal of the casting model swimming squid is not only its visual realism, but also the spoon shape of the lead in the core for a realistic swimming action. It has a smooth, rugid but streamlined body that helps its swim fluidly throughout the water.


It has a proven track record of catching seabass, flatfish, flounder, gomati, black sea bream, mackerel, scorpionfish, bluefish, and large bluefish from off-shore and shore.

Sizes 30g, 45g, 60g


01 Pink/Clear 01 ピンクスクイッド
02 Brown/ Clear 02 リアルスクイッド
05 Clear 05 クリアースクイット