Sinking Tuna



A high quality sinking stickbait specially made for Bluefin Tuna.  This lure comes in many attractive fish catching colors mimicking a wide variety of tuna forage.  The Sinking Tuna has a flutter on it’s level sinking descent, with a side to side shimmy on the swim.  The sinking tuna also is fully thru-wired with heavy duty wire capable of withstanding high pressures from drag or from the leverage of the fish.  Please note, the 9.5in lure comes with an angled belly hook hanger, for reduced hook leverage, and sturdier thru-wire.

Sizes 160mm/60g,140mm/60g


Real-flash sardine リアルフラッシュ マイワシ
Real-flash anchovy リアルフラッシュ カタクチイワシ
Real-flash flying fish リアルフラッシュ トビウオ
Real-flash saury リアルフラッシュ サンマ
Real-flash neon silver リアルフラッシュ ケイムラシルバー
Real-flash black back リアルフラッシュ セグロ