Falcon Fat



“Falcon Fat” stickbaits have a fatter profile than other lures in the Sea Falcon range. The wider profile produces a longer cast and larger darting width when retrieved. When swept through the water the “Falcon Fat” produces a lot of bubble with its S swimming motion and the Aurora Flash produces a very bright flash to call fish in from a distance .


  • – Topwater Diving Pencil Bait​
    – Fat Baithfish Profile​
    – Provides the Most Flash​
    – Controlled Floating Action that Attracts Game Fish​
    – Heavier Bait Gives Best Casting Distance​
    – Target Species:​
    – Tuna​
    – Amberjack​
    – Striper​
    – Giant Traveli​
    – Yellowtail
Sizes 200mm/110g,180mm/85g,160mm/70g


01 Aurora sardine オーロラ マイワシ
02 Aurora anchovy オーロラ カタクチイワシ
03 Aurora flying fish オーロラ トビウオ
04 Aurora saury オーロラ サンマ
05 Aurora pink back オーロラ ピンクバック
06 Aurora black back オーロラ ブラックバック