Z Remain



“Z Remain” is a semi long jig designed to dart and slowly flutter on the drop. The body of this jig is chrome plated boasting the finest shine and strength and has a combined action that varies from still to fast moving. When falling, the jig can remain horizontal for a long period so that you can intentionally create a chance for a bite. This an exceptionally good Dogtooth Tuna jig! Kingfish, Amberjack, Samsonfish and reef fish such as Coral Trout, Red Bass and Emperors and others are also a great target species with the “Z Remain”.


  • – High Pitch But Can Be Used As Slow Pitch Jig
  • – Dart and Shimmy Falling Action
  • – Great For Drift Fishing
  • – Easily Controlled
  • – Target Fish:
  • – Grouper
  • – Amberjack
  • – Tuna


Sizes 260g,200g,170g,140g,110g


Real Sardine リアル マイワシ
Real Pink back リアル ピンクバック
Real Red gold リアル レッドゴールド
Real Neon silver リアル ケイムラシルバー
Real Green gold リアル グリーンゴールド
Real Blue pink リアル ブルーピンク
Silver plane aurora holo シルバー プレーンオーロラホロ
Silver plane leaer holo シルバー プレーンレーザーホロ
Red gold zebra-stripe glowing レッドゴールド ゼブラグロー
Pink zebra-stripe glowing ピンク ゼブラグロー
Red gold zebra-stripe glowing シルバー ゼブラグロー