Real Saury


“Real Saury” started with the intention of creasting the ultimate saury imitation.  The body shape looks just like an saury from the side. The cross-section is designed for easy diving and to produce a gentle S-stroke action. The most important feature is the glittering effect unique to the saury. Specially processed mirror holograms have been successfully applied to the round surface. The overwhelming flashing effect appeals to tuna, amberjack and yellowtail.

Sizes 270mm/130g,240mm/100g,200/70g,180mm/60g


01 Real purple saury リアルパープルサンマ
02 Real blue saury リアルブルーサンマ
03 Real black saury リアルブラックサンマ
04 White abalone purple back ホワイトアワビ パープルサンマ
05 White abalone majora back ホワイトアワビ マジョーラバック
06 White abalone blue back ホワイトアワビ ブルーバック