Devil Popper



The uniquely shaped Devil Popper has two types of cup angles The regular undercup model is the basic popper for popping noise accompanied by extensive splashing. This model is easy to handle with few popping errors. The upper-cup model has an upward-facing cup and offers effective combination of noise and splash along with pronounced subsurface action.


  • – Topwater Wood Plug​
    – Chugging Popper​
    – Designed for Easy Popping Action​
    – Target Fish:​
    – Schooling Pelagics​
    – Tuna​
    – Mahi Mahi​
    – Amberjack


Sizes 200mm/165g,200mm/150g(Upper cup face)


01 Crystal clownfish カクレクマノミ
02 Crystal pink clownfish ピンククマノミ
03 Crystal black clownfish ブラッククマノミ
04 Crystal flying fish トビウオ
Upper cup face (※Same color line with above) カクレクマノミ (カラーラインナップはアンダーカップタイプと同じです)